Here you will find a number of articles I have written the last few years. The subjects vary but are usually around web development, especially HTML5, but other topics are explored too.

Defining multiple captions and alt text for responsive images

With the welcome rise of the <picture></picture> element and srcset attribute, we now have control over what images are loaded when, allowing us to make our images more responsive, and even to change the image entirely based on screen size. Of course showing a different image in this case is not recommended, but it is possible that you might want to change the focal point of the image, showing less of a larger image, and highlighting a particular object or person within it. This is all well and good, but what about the image’s caption or alt text? How can we provide different captions or alt text per image, should the need arise?

Dear Tech Recruiter

We need to talk.

I received your initial mail with anticipation, breathlessness even, but you didn’t say much. You left me wanting more, teasing me, I guess this is your plan – playing hard to get. It’s much too early to ask for my phone number though.