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Top Ten Most Read Blog Posts of 2010

With the end of 2010 nigh, I thought I’d use Google Analytics to inform me of my top ten most read blog posts, based on the number of visits they received (I assume they were read, who knows really!).

It’s more of a personal interest thing, but thought I’d share it all the same. Happy New Year to you all!



What with my blog entries on PC Pro and my recent holiday, I appear to be neglecting this blog.

Fear not, I do not intend on continuing this trend!

Whilst I will of course continue to post over at PC Pro, and linking the articles there from here, I will be returning to blogging here as well on the usual web development topics, and hopefully, finally, some historical ones.

Now there’s also HTML5 Laboratory to find the time to experiment on…

PC Pro and HTML5 blogging

html5 and pc pro

I’m pleased to announce that I have been asked to contribute to the PC Pro blogs area on the topic of HTML5.

I am quite excited by this opportunity and am looking forward to writing my first blog article. I will, of course, keep you posted.

This will be in addition to running this blog and HTML5 Laboratory.