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New beginning, news and minor excitement

New Job

You might be aware from Twitter, that I’m moving jobs, and am starting next week at Isle, a Cambridgeshire-based digital communications company as a web developer. I’ll be working primarily with .NET and SQL, with some PHP and of course HTML and CSS. I might even be able to push the use of HTML5…

Just a Dog

Back in January I posted about an expected arrival, Yogi the Border Terrier. I wasn’t a dog person and my girlfriend spent a lot of time educating me about dogs, their body language etc. before finally convincing me to get one.

Ten months on, I’m totally converted. I am now a dog person. I love Yogi to bits and simply cannot imagine life without him. He’s happy, bouncy, playful, amusing, annoying at times, but he has truly enriched my life.

Census of Ireland 1901 and 1911 and my family – part one

national archives of ireland

The other day the RTÉ website announced that the 1901 census of Ireland was now available to search online on the National Archives of Ireland website. The 1911 census was made available sometime last year and my dad had showed me the census form filled out by his maternal grandfather. The availability of the 1901 census made me repeat this but also for his paternal grandfather.

This post will deal with my father’s side of the family, who lived in Dublin. I will devote a future post to my mother’s side, who lived in Cork.