Here you will find a number of articles I have written the last few years. The subjects vary but are usually around web development, especially HTML5, but other topics are explored too.

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Observations on the Use or Lack Thereof, of Long Titles in Writing on the Web

When writing an article, I sometimes find it difficult to come up with a title. Personally I prefer short titles, and often I find that others do too. The book I am currently reading, which was written in the 18th century, shows me that writers of that era often took a different view.
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Using the Web Speech API to control a HTML5 video

The JavaScript Web Speech API has been around since but has not really been implemented in any browser other than in Chrome, and even then only partially. I decided to take a quick look at this API and put together a demo on how it could be used to control a HTML5 video.
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resimagecrop – a responsive image solution

Last week I attended the excellent Fronteers conference in Amsterdam and while listening to a talk by Marcos Cáceres on responsive images, I had a thought on a potential polyfill solution. When I arrived home, I thought about it some more and today I managed to put it into practice.

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CSS stacking with display:table

With responsive design, one of the things that we often want to do is to change the stack order of certain elements, moving the aside on the left below the main text which we want to bring to the top. CSS3‘s Flexbox will do this for us, but there is a quicker, if dirtier, way which we can use now. Read more »

Help and be nice

Those of us who work in the web community are constantly learning. New technologies, techniques, plugins, etc. appear every day, some we ignore others we dive into. As well as official documentation we also rely on the articles, blog posts and coding examples of others to help us get up to speed. When talking about and responding to such writings we should always remember something important: be nice. Read more »

Using !important in your media queries

We sometimes hear people arguing that we shouldn’t use !important in our website’s CSS as it can be incredibly annoying for others who may work on the website. While I agree with this in general, I have found myself using !important with responsive design. Read more »

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