The overall design for the site was influenced by paper books. On receiving my first copy of The Manual, I realised that what I really wanted my website to look like is a book. Obviously screen is different to paper, so the visual effect will never be the same, but this site is the result of a first attempt.

This website is written using the latest version of the W3C HTML specification: HTML5.

In order to increase accessibility, use is also made of some of the WAI-ARIA landmark roles, and for this reason the HTML code for this website is unlikely to conform to any HTML code validator.

Normalize.css has been used to help browsers to render elements more consistently and in line with modern standards.

The journal is powered by Wordpress with a theme that is based on Nathan Staines' Starkers HTML5, but which has been heavily customised.

The font used throughout the site is Sorts Mill Goudy by Barry Schwartz, with Source Code Pro being used for code. These fonts are brought to you by Typekit. Ligatures for Sorts Mill Goudy are currently enabled, but may not be in the future due to increased file size.