A warm and hearty Irish welcome or fáilte to you all to my new website and blog!  As you can see there have been many changes on the website itself, which is now just a glorified business card, and I am now using WordPress to manage my blog. My previous site design has had its time, and since I mainly used it to learn PHP, it had become a bit bloated and outdated. the previous blog entries and whiteboard comments have not been lost, but they are no longer being shown on this blog. I’m starting afresh.

The WordPress theme that I have currently chosen is Scrapbook with a few minor tweaks here and there. I may stick with this, I may change it. We’ll see.

This blog will contain information on web design and development, life and my love of history. Some may overlap, I may write about some topics more, others less and different ones all together, only time will tell.

Naturally I invite you to read and comment, and please do sign up to do so!

That’s all for now,