Some web browser statistics

web browser statistics

I’ve just gone over the site statistics provided by Google Analytics for both my home site (and this blog) and for my HTML5 site HTML5 Laboratory for a persio of 3 months (from 20th February 2010 to 19th April 2010) and have come up with some interesting facts.

First of all let’s look at the statistics for, which I will simply lay out here in table format for you to peruse:

Browser Overall Visits %
Firefox 53.61%
3.6 17.09%
3.5.8 12.92%
3.6.3 9.95%
3.6.2 5.6%
< 3.5.8 8.05%
Internet Explorer 15.70%
8.0 9.46%
7.0 3.72%
6.0 2.52%
Chrome 15.25%
Safari 12.02%
Opera 1.39%
Other 1.85%

As can be clearly seen, Firefox is by far the browser of choice by users looking at my site, followed almost equally by Internet Explorer and Chrome users with Safari not far behind.

Interestingly more users have looked at my site with Internet Explorer 6 than with Opera! Whilst it’s good to see a small percentage of Internet Explorer 6 users, it’s scary that they still outnumber the Opera users.

HTML5 Laboratory

Moving on to HTML5 Laboratory, the table of browsers used is laid out below in the same style as above:

Browser Overall Visits %
Firefox 42.99%
3.6 18.72%
3.5.8 11.65%
3.6.3 8.89%
3.6.2 7.05%
< 3.5.8 5.77%
Chrome 23.46%
Safari 18.88%
Internet Explorer 9.80%
8.0 5.86%
7.0 2.71%
6.0 1.22%
Opera 3.20%
Other 1.67%

Once again Firefox tops the browsers used, but this time Internet Explorer is beaten into 4th place behind Chrome and Safari. This isn’t that surprising since Internet Explorer currently has no support whatsoever for HTML5 and it is understandable that those users who are interested in HTML5 will probably be using a browser that has some sort of HTML5 capabilities. Bearing that in mind, it’s weird that Opera, which has some of the best current HTML5 support out there, is still behind Internet Explorer.

Using both sets of statistics together, it is surprising to see that those users who use Firefox, have largely neglected to upgrade any higher than 3.6, with many still on 3.5.8. Google’s Chrome has a much higher usage than I would have expected, with Opera quite poor. Safari is more or less what would be expected, and since it also has good HTML5 support, its not surprising that it features higher on visits to HTML5 Laboratory than

Take a look at your own site’s Google Analytics browser statistics, and let me know how they fare.