Nach Deutschland

At the end of this month, after over 13 years in the UK, I will be making a big change to my life and moving to Germany. I will be living in Meerbusch-Büderich, close to the city of Düsseldorf, in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

My girlfriend move over there with our dog at the end of April, and I remained behind to get my book written and to allow myself some time to find a job in Germany, which I have done. At the start of 2012, I will be working as a web and systems developer for Pixolith, in central Düsseldorf.

My German isn’t brilliant, so some of December will be spent improving my knowledge of the language, hopefully attending an intensive course, as it is, of course, quite important to learn the language of the country you live in.

I’m quite looking forward to my new life in Germany, not only because I will once again be properly re-united with my girlfriend (and Yogi!). After so many visits to the country I really do like the German way of life and I’m quite looking forward to becoming part of it and learning more.

I’ll miss certain things about the UK, certainly, and I’ve been lucky enough to spend most of my time here living in Cambridge, which is a beautiful part of East Anglia. I’ll miss the friends I’ll leave behind, but of course thanks to social sites like Facebook and Twitter, I’ll be able to remain in touch and of course visit from time to time.

Being there for the start of the Christmas season is also a bonus, as the Weihnachtsmarkt will soon be in full swing!