New Look for Blog

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As you may have noticed the look of my blog had totally changed. A while ago I decided that it was looking a bit out-dated and cluttered so I decided to make a change.

Since I lack design skills and don’t really have the time anyway, I set about looking for a clean, minimalist WordPress theme. I had also hoped to find one I liked that was HTML5, but in the end it wasn’t to be and I’ve made some changes to make it so, although it’s not yet complete.

After some searching I decided to use the Clean Theme by The Theme Trust (which was actually tweeted by someone although I can’t remember by who) the layout of which I liked a lot. It’s also responsive, so that extra piece of work was also handled for me.

Installing the theme was as easy as you’d expect with WordPress, although the article window is wider (which I like) than my previous theme which has led the main images in older posts to remain small and out of place. But that can’t be helped.

Since my blog posts can be code heavy, I also decided to look for a plugin that styles code properly and am currently trying out the Plum Code Box by Code Plum. So far it seems to work well, two examples of it in action is given below:

   <h1>Plum Code Box</h1>
   <p>This is an example of an HTML styled code box using Plum Code Box by 
   <a href="">Code Plum</a>.
   function displayCodePlumMsg()  {
      var msg = "This is an example of a JavaScript styled code box by Code Plum!");

Who knows how long this design will stay as I may grow bored of it in the near future. But for now, I hope you like it.