Dear Tech Recruiter

We need to talk.

I received your initial mail with anticipation, breathlessness even, but you didn’t say much. You left me wanting more, teasing me, I guess this is your plan – playing hard to get. It’s much too early to ask for my phone number though.

Your reply was just as short but you gave a few more details. You think we’re a good match, you’re looking for someone who’s bright, enthusiastic, and a team player. I’ll admit that that last one worries me a bit, but for the moment I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. It’s still too early to ask for my phone number.

You finally sent me more information, and I was disappointed. You clearly didn’t read my profile thoroughly, as we have nothing in common and I am not moving away for anyone.

You took my rejection badly, I haven’t heard from you. Part of me feels guilty, but to be honest it’s not me it’s you.